Anxiety Control

Dental Anxiety Control in Orange Park

Many patients experience anxiety and apprehension when they require dental treatment. This may be due to past experiences that were less than optimal. Undue anxiety actually prevents many patients from seeking the dental care they need. Some patients have shared that they “panic” in anticipation with the idea of undergoing treatment.

We are pleased to offer an option for anxiety control in Orange Park, which will allow you to relax and have a stress free appointment. By using a safe and effective oral sedative along with nitrous oxide inhalation, you will be in a state of complete relaxation. For your optimal safely, we monitor your vital signs from the moment you are seated until we dismiss.

The medications we utilize greatly reduce preoperative anxiety that you may experience because you are assured you will be in a state of tranquility before your actual procedure is begun.

Additionally, you will most likely have little or no memory of the actual moment-to-moment procedure as the sedative that we utilize has an amnesiac effect as well.

You will receive our undivided attention as your care and comfort are of utmost concern.

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The response from patients throughout the years is rewarding. They are thankful that this service has allowed them to move forward with treatment in a secure, comfortable, and caring atmosphere.

"Before I went to Dr. Klement, I never smiled, because I was unhappy with my teeth or the way my smile looked. I knew I needed lots of dental work and was concerned about how it might feel. Dr. Klement was friendly, knowledgeable and put me at ease.  

Under her guidance, I had crowns, fillings and wisdom teeth removed all under oral sedation. I didn't feel anything and was totally relaxed. Everything turned out great. I get frequent compliments on my smile. It's really made a big difference in my life; I'm more outgoing and more confident."

Nicholas Hardcastle, teenager


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