Diagnodent in Orange Park, Florida

What is the Diagnodent?

The Diagnodent® is a safe florescent laser that detects hidden tooth decay accurately, quickly, and in its earliest stages.  It is a revolutionary tool that provides a greater amount of accuracy than x-rays and clinical examination alone.  Some caries “go underground” due to fluoridation.  This essentially means that areas of decay present may not be easily detectable on the surface of the tooth, but rather are hidden below, undetectable to the naked eye.

What does the Diagnodent process involve?

The Diagnodent® process is performed as a part of a regular dental examination.  It is a hi-tech instrument that is simply placed on the biting surface of each tooth.  There is absolutely no discomfort.  The laser measures the fluorescence within the tooth.  As each tooth is scanned, the amount of reflected laser light is recorded to produce a digital readout.  If the tooth contains little or no decay, little or no laser light will be reflected back to the instrument.  However, if a tooth contains caries of any significance, more laser light is reflected back.  The amount of light that is reflected back correlates with the amount of decay within the tooth.  The Diagnodent® has a tonal system which allows the patient to be able to have an idea of how the tooth is responding to the laser as the higher the pitch, the more extensive the decay.

What are the benefits of the Diagnodent?

  • Completely safe
  • No discomfort
  • Cost efficient
  • Empirically measured results
  • More accurate than any other diagnostic instrumentation
  • Early detection of caries means a greater chance of minimizing treatment required.


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