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For many adults, the idea of having to wear traditional metal braces is a significant deterrent when receiving orthodontic care. Given the hassle of oral hygiene and appearance of metal braces, many adults opt to leave misaligned, crowded, or rotated teeth the way they are. However, the long-term consequences of poorly aligned smiles can make it harder to clean the dentition and to properly care for it, leading to serious dental health issues. That's why our Jacksonville dental practice has the solution for you. 

For teens and adults looking for a less noticeable alternative for achieving a straighter smile, Orange Park dentist Dr. Betty Klement offers clear removable braces with ClearCorrect®.

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What is ClearCorrect®?

Unlike traditional braces, ClearCorrect® uses removable aligner trays to help you achieve that perfectly straight smile. By using virtually invisible trays rather than metal brackets and wires to straighten the smile, patients are able to enjoy discreet orthodontic treatment. As treatment progresses, ClearCorrect® trays are continuously swapped out, ultimately repositioning the teeth into a more uniform alignment. Once treatment is complete, patients are able to enjoy results on par with those provided by traditional braces.

Advantages of ClearCorrect®

ClearCorrect® is one of the most popular treatments for responsible teens and adults, and for good reason. The plastic trays used to straighten teeth are virtually invisible, and can be taken off whenever you eat, so patients avoid the extra hassle of having to brush food out of wires and brackets.

On top of their convenient translucence, ClearCorrect® trays can be removed and cleaned daily for easy oral hygiene care. This is a far cry from the tedious process of cleaning around brackets and wires, which can increase the risk of developing gum disease and cavities without proper cleaning.

For many of our patients, these trays even double as bleaching trays. Following the completion of your braces treatment, Dr. Klement offers patients at-home whitening solutions, such as Opalescence®, allowing patients to enjoy a fully transformed smile.

ClearCorrect® by Dr. Klement

Creating your ClearCorrect® treatment starts with taking a series of digital images and impressions of your mouth, which are then used as a model for plotting out the course of your treatment. This allows us to determine the best treatment plan for your smile and enables Dr. Klement to give you a prediction of the length of treatment.

We then send out your digital impressions for fabrication into aligning trays, which arrive about three weeks later. From then on, you will only need to replace the plastic trays every three weeks or so, with an occasional appointment to monitor your progress and receive the next set of aligners.

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