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Missing or damaged teeth do more than affect the aesthetics of your smile, they can ultimately compromise overall health and function leading to a number of other problems in the future. At the Orange Park dental practice of Dr. Betty Klement, our goal is to help patients avoid health problems through comprehensive dental implant treatment. By working closely with trusted local oral surgeons, our Jacksonville area dentist in Orange Park is able to provide patients with an alternative to traditional dentures and bridges.

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Candidates for Dental Implants

Part of the advantages provided by dental implants is the treatment’s versatility. While traditional dentures and bridges offer a solution for missing or extracted teeth, these conventional treatment options fail to fully address wider health problems caused by missing teeth. Over time, lack of natural teeth causes supporting tissue to erode, leaving the smile more prone to further damage.

In contrast, dental implants can be used to replace almost any tooth, regardless of the condition which led to tooth loss. As implants are surgically placed into the jaw bone, they gradually become part of the bone itself, leading to a more stable bite and improved function. With this in mind, Dr. Klement recommends implants not only for patients missing single teeth but also for individuals looking to replace entire arches of teeth as well as individuals wishing to stabilize existing restorations like full or partial dentures. 

Implant-Supported Restorations in Orange Park

Creating the perfect implant treatment for your smile starts with a comprehensive assessment of your oral health. Using advanced dental technologies, our Orange Park dentist thoroughly examines each component of your smile, identifying the cause of tooth loss and determining whether preliminary treatments, such as bone grafting or sinus augmentation, will be needed to create the best environment for your implant. 

From there, Dr. Klement collaborates with local oral surgeons to create a strategy for implant placement. For some, this may mean adding only one implant to replace a single tooth. Depending on bone quality and health, some eligible patients may qualify for our Teeth-Within-a-Day with the All-On-Four Neodent Solutions, a same-day implant option suitable for varying degrees of tooth loss. 

After the implant has been placed, patients return to our practice for their final restoration. Depending on the number of teeth that need to be replaced, your personalized implant restoration can range from single porcelain crown dental implants to full implant-supported dentures. 

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At Betty D. Klement, DMD, we combine the science of dentistry with the art of designing beautiful, lasting smiles. Through our extensive dental implant restoration options, our Orange Park & Lakeside dentist is able to help patients achieve a beautiful, more healthful smile that lasts. Contact our team today to learn if dental implants and implant-supported restorations are right for your smile.  

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