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Are you one of the millions of people who have lost their teeth and now wear dentures to replace them? Do you find them to be a constant challenge? Do your dentures, especially your lower denture, have poor stability and retention? Is it a struggle to bite into foods such as a sandwich and to chew efficiently?  Do you suffer from embarrassment because of loose dentures which move around in your mouth? Simply put, are your dentures negatively impacting your quality of life?

If you want the security of dentures that stay in place and allow you to go about your life with confidence, implant supported overdentures may be the solution for you. They are a cost-effective, reliable solution with a myriad of benefits.

Ideally, four dental implants can be placed in each jaw, the upper and lower respectively. Freestanding abutments called Locators connect to each individual implant. The dentures are designed with “denture caps” secured into the denture base. These caps engage both the internal surface and external surface of the locator abutments, allowing you to literally ”snap” your dentures to place. The denture caps come in a number different retentive strengths, allowing them to be replaced as needed to provide the level of retention best suited for your comfort and needs.

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Benefits of Overdentures

There is a tremendous advantage of having an overdenture instead of a traditional denture in the upper jawbone. An overdenture supported by four implants eliminates the need for the denture to cover the palate. This allows the denture to be horseshoe-shaped. In addition to providing maximum stability, this eliminates gagging associated with upper dentures. It also allows you to enjoy the taste of your food again.

Your overdentures, like traditional dentures offered in our office, are fabricated with a denture base with prosthetic teeth of the highest quality. This allows you the ability to remove the overdenture for thorough cleaning on a daily basis. All of our overdentures have a patented Cagenix™ framework. This measure significantly increases the durability of your overdenture.

Bone loss occurs rapidly in the absence of teeth (edentulism), especially when force is exerted by complete dentures which rely upon the jawbones alone for support. Bone is lost both vertically and horizontally. Not only does this cause the complete dentures to become increasingly unstable, but also over time support of the mouth and face is greatly affected, increasing the appearance of aging.

Overdentures dissipate these forces and bone loss is minimal. They continue to support the tissues of your mouth and face, helping you to maintain the most youthful appearance possible.

If you are like most denture wearers, you are dissatisfied with your dentures. On the other hand, you will be much more likely to join the ever-increasing number of patients who enjoy satisfaction with overdentures.

A Stable Bite and a Beautiful Smile

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