Teeth Within a Day in Orange Park

Are you terrified of losing your teeth and simply cannot bear the thought of having to be without fixed-in-place teeth for even a single day?

You may have seen or read that it is possible to have non-removable replacement teeth the same day your teeth are removed.

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TEETH WITHIN A DAY with the All-On-4 Neodent Solutions can offer you this.

This is one of the most exciting and rewarding services that we offer individuals in need of replacing their teeth. Your own hopeless teeth can be removed and dental implants with fixed-in-place teeth provided for you all within the length of a single day.

If you are already missing your teeth and are weary of wearing dentures that just do not fit, we can provide you with this solution as well.

This is the treatment of choice for patients who truly value how much fixed-in-place teeth contribute in a positive way to the quality of life. You will be able to eat all the foods that constitute a healthy diet.  And you will have the confidence that a healthy, happy smile gives you.

Whatever the reason you are no longer able to keep your own teeth, this may be the solution for you.

There are many times an older patient has expressed “maybe I am just too old to have this done.  I don’t even know how much longer I may be around.  The truth is that when your mouth is healthy and pain-free you will be much better able to enjoy the type of active lifestyle that results in a longer, more productive life.

Our team approach allows us to provide you with the best possible level of care both surgically and restoratively. Working side by side with a highly skilled, experienced oral surgeon and an exceptionally talented master technician, we provide this service within in our Orange Park facility. Together, we carefully plan every step of your entire treatment based on your individual needs.

We utilize sophisticated technological equipment such as the ICAT Cone Beam Digital Imaging System to determine the exact location for placing your dental implants.  The foundation for your implant-supported teeth is precision milled from a single piece of titanium alloy for superior strength. The materials and components we utilize are of superior quality. 

While you can find the same type of procedure being carried out in other dental practices, the quality of care that you receive can vary significantly. 

We have an exceptional staff with experience and understanding in regard to every step of your treatment. They are truly committed to making every aspect of your treatment a positive one.  We provide your care in a comfortable spa-like atmosphere.

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