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After undergoing cosmetic dental treatments to achieve your ideal smile, it is important to protect your investment. Here are some tips for keeping your smile beautiful and vibrant long after treatment:

Maintain a Daily Hygiene Regimen

Whether you had your teeth whitened or finished a comprehensive smile makeover, practicing effective oral hygiene on a daily basis is a cornerstone to enhancing your new smile. This includes brushing twice daily, flossing, and rinsing with mouth wash. Incorporating a dental pick into daily routines helps loosen leftover plaque from hard to reach periodontal pockets and helps lower the risk of recurrent gingivitis.  

Avoid Staining Foods and Drinks

Nothing is worse than having your teeth whitened or veneers placed than staining these investments with coffee or dark wine. Rather than compromise your aesthetically enhanced smile, use a straw and rinse your mouth after meals. As smoking and chewing tobacco can re-stain treated teeth, it may be in a patient’s best interest to speak with their primary care provider about opportunities for quitting tobacco.

Avoid Crunchy, Hard Items

While crowns and veneers are made of highly durable porcelain, these materials can still be damaged if patients are not careful. For patients with these aesthetically-driven restorations, Dr. Klement recommends avoiding chewing ice and other hard, crunchy foods. Patients should also avoid using their teeth for opening packages, or biting and chewing non-edible items. Use scissors or the appropriate tool instead of your beautiful new smile.

Use a Mouth Guard

For physically active patients as well as those who grind or clench their teeth at night, custom-fit mouth guards can be created to protect your smile from accidental damage or emergency. At our Orange Park dental office, digital impressions are used to create a precise oral appliance that can be worn comfortably.

Visit your Orange Park Dentist

Regardless of the type of cosmetic treatment you’ve undergone, regular visits every six months to our dentist in Orange Park are critical to protecting the health and aesthetic of your smile. During your visit, Dr. Klement will evaluate your smile to ensure every aspect is as healthy and functional as possible. Frequent visits also allow our dentist to proactively identify potential issues and recommend treatment that protects the cosmetic investment you’ve made into your smile.

If you’re ready to improve your smile with cosmetic dental care, contact Betty D. Klement, DMD today to schedule your consultation. Our emphasis on comprehensive, aesthetically-driven dentistry ensures that all patients receive the treatment necessary to achieve their ideal smile. 

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