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Get a Brighter Whiter Smile for only $550!!

Esthetically-Driven Dentistry

Teeth whitening treatment is a simple and quick solution to rejuvenate the smile. Teeth may develop discolorations for a variety of reasons, such as consuming dark-colored foods and beverages like red wine, beet juice, and coffee. These stains may become more apparent as we age, making professional brightening kits a sought-out service as it enhances teeth’s appearance using a minimally invasive method.

Over-the-counter options do not deliver the same quality results as teeth whitening provided by Dr. Sagili. Purchasing a whitening kit at your local drug store may temporarily remove surface stains, but this may take several months to accomplish and only lasts a short while. Instead, why not get professional teeth whitening in our office and get the Phillips In-House Whitening kit that’s customized to fit your needs and budget and dleiver results much faster than over-the-counter kits for FREE?

At Esthetics Implant Dentistry, we are now offering Professional Teeth Whitening for only $550. When you sign up, you get an additional 3 months supply of  the Phillips In-House Whitening Kit for FREE!

The special price is applicable for our new patients only!

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    Phillips Teeth Whitening System - A New Patient Promo!!

    Only $550 for In-Office Professional Teeth Whitening + FREE 3-months supply of At-Home Phillips Teeth Whitening Kit

    Terms & Conditions: All promotional pricing indicated on this page applies to self-pay patients only.
    For patients with dental insurance, please check your dental plan and discuss your insurance benefits with your insurance provider.

    Why Choose Our Practice for Your Teeth Whitening Solution?

    Dr. Sagili, DDS is a highly experienced implant dentist known for his outstanding work in implant procedures. His interests are in dental implants, advanced bone grafting techniques research and helping patients who have challenging dental situations.

    Dr Sagili’s mission is to provide top quality dental service that leaves you feeling confident and your smile brighter than ever.

    Don’t take our word for it, see for yourself!

    Schedule an appointment today with Dr. Sagili, DDS and experience the benefits of getting implant procedures firsthand by a dentist known for his outstanding work in implant dentistry.

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