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Get Wise, Save Money:
Wisdom Tooth Extraction at
the Best Price!

Esthetically-Driven Dentistry

32 permanent adult teeth are the standard for most people, with third molars or “wisdom teeth” located at the end of the line in both the upper and lower jaw.

Wisdom teeth removal is usually recommended by dentists and oral surgeons, as they often cause problems when they begin to emerge. Your jaw may not be able to accommodate your wisdom teeth due to its size, leading to overcrowding and other issues, making extraction a sensible choice for many people.

If you are considering wisdom teeth extraction, look no further.
Dr Sridhar Sagili, DDS is trained and experienced oral surgeon with a keen interest in dental implants, extractions, advanced bone grafting techniques research and helping patients who have challenging dental situations.

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    How Do I Know I Need Wisdom Teeth Extraction?


    The perfect time for an evaluation is when you are transitioning from your tween years to becoming a teen or if you are an adult who never had their wisdom teeth taken out.

    Infection, Swelling or Pain

    If you experience sensitivity, discomfort, or swelling around your wisdom teeth, it could be an indication of infection below the gums and should be evaluated by a professional.

    Shifting teeth

    Erupting wisdom teeth can cause existing teeth to shift out of alignment and affect orthodontic work. Get it checked out before it causes further damage!

    4 Wisdom Teeth Extraction with IV Sedation

    Only $2,000!

    Terms & Conditions: All promotional pricing indicated on this page applies to self-pay patients only.
    For patients with dental insurance, please check your dental plan and discuss your insurance benefits with your insurance provider.

    Why Choose Our Practice for Your Dental Implants?

    Dr. Sagili, DDS is a highly experienced implant dentist known for his outstanding work in implant procedures. His interests are in dental implants, advanced bone grafting techniques research and helping patients who have challenging dental situations.

    Dr Sagili’s mission is to provide top quality dental service that leaves you feeling confident and your smile brighter than ever.

    Don’t take our word for it, see for yourself!

    Schedule an appointment today with Dr. Sagili, DDS and experience the benefits of getting implant procedures firsthand by a dentist known for his outstanding work in implant dentistry.

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