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    Porcelain Crowns and Bridges in Orange Park, FL

    Esthetically-Driven Dentistry

    At Aesthetics Implant Dentistry, a premier dental clinic in Orange Park, FL, we provide patients with porcelain crowns and bridges to restore missing or damaged teeth. Our Orange Park dental team wants our patients to feel confident when showcasing their teeth to others. This is why we offer these prosthetics, to give patients the opportunity to achieve a complete, healthy smile.

    With our aesthetic crowns and bridges, we enhance patients’ visual appeal and help them regain full bite function. We ensure our restorations blend seamlessly with neighboring teeth to provide a beautiful, natural smile.


    We recommend crowns when a tooth has suffered cracks, fractures, extensive decay, or large, faulty fillings. Crowns are also used to complete certain treatments like root canal therapy or cosmetic dental services to conceal discolorations. Our Orange Park practice utilizes modern dentistry techniques to craft your porcelain crowns, making sure they resemble natural enamel as well as appear and feel flawless within your smile.

    Fixed Bridges

    We offer fixed bridges to replace one or more missing teeth. The material we use to craft this prosthetic is zirconia, due to its strength and natural looking appearance. A bridge fills in the empty spaces left by lost teeth, with artificial ones known as pontics. Bridges are supported by neighboring teeth and provide excellent cosmetic results.

    Implant-supported Crowns and Bridges

    Although there are times when crowns and fixed bridges are adequate solutions to replace missing teeth, in most instances we suggest a patient receive dental implants. Implant-supported restorations are a permanent tooth replacement option and help patients’ maintain their smiles. Dental implants do not require adjacent teeth for support as they gain their stability from being directly placed into the jaw.

    Porcelain Crowns & Bridges

    Single Crown: $999.00 (Build-up cost extra)

    3 Unit Bridge: $3,299.00

    Financing Available – conditions apply

    FREE CONSULT ($150 Value)

    Highly-Experienced Dentist

    Dr. Sagili DDS brings extensive experience and post-graduate residency in

    • IV Sedation
    • Implant & Restorative Dentistry
    • Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
    • Bone Grafting

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    Frequently-asked Questions about Crowns & Bridges

    If you’re feeling somewhat self-conscious about your teeth, or just want to improve your smile, cosmetic dental treatments may be the answer to a more beautiful, confident smile.

    Cosmetic dentistry has become very popular in the last several years, not only due to the many advances in cosmetic dental procedures and materials available today, but also because patients are becoming more and more focused on improving their overall health. This includes dental prevention and having a healthier, whiter, more radiant smile.

    There are many cosmetic dental procedures available to improve your teeth and enhance your smile. Depending on your particular needs, cosmetic dental treatments can change your smile dramatically, from restoring a single tooth to having a full mouth make-over. Ask your dentist how you can improve the health and beauty of your smile with cosmetic dentistry.

    We usually recommend a crown for the following scenarios:

    • Broken or fractured teeth
    • Cosmetic Enhancement
    • Decayed teeth
    • Fractured fillings
    • Large fillings
    • Tooth has a root canal

    A crown procedure usually requires two appointments. Your first appointment will include taking several highly accurate molds (or impressions) that will be used to create your custom crown. A mold will also be used to create a temporary crown which will stay on your tooth for approximately two weeks until your new crown is fabricated by a dental laboratory.

    While the tooth is numb, the dentist will prepare the tooth by removing any decay and shaping the surface to properly fit the crown. Once these details are accomplished, your temporary crown will be placed with temporary cement and your bite will be checked to ensure you are biting properly.

    At your second appointment your temporary crown will be removed, the tooth will be cleaned, and your new crown will be carefully placed to ensure the spacing and bite are accurate.

    The average lifespan of crowns and bridges is typically 5 to 15 years.

    Reasons for a fixed bridge:

    • Fill space of missing teeth
    • Maintain facial shape
    • Prevent remaining teeth from drifting out of position
    • Restore chewing and speaking ability
    • Restore your smile
    • Upgrade from a removable partial denture to a permanent dental appliance

    Getting a bridge usually requires two or more visits. While the teeth are numb, the two anchoring teeth are prepared by removing a portion of enamel to allow for a crown. Next, a highly accurate impression (mold) is made which will be sent to a dental laboratory where the bridge will be fabricated. In addition, a temporary bridge will be made and worn for several weeks until your next appointment.

    At the second visit, you permanent bridge will be carefully checked, adjusted, and cemented to achieve a proper fit. Occasionally your dentist may only temporarily cement the bridge, allowing your teeth and tissue time to get used to the new bridge. The new bridge will be permanently cemented at a later time.

    You will receive care instructions at the conclusion of the procedure. Proper brushing, flossing and regular dental visits will aid in the life of your new permanent bridge.

    Here are some insurances we accept (even if your insurance is not on this list, you should still call to check because we accept all PPO plans):

    • Metlife
    • Aetna
    • Assurant
    • Premier Dental Group
    • Delta Dental Legions
    • Delta Dental
    • Guardian
    • Humana
    • Humana Federal
    • United Health Care
    • Lincoln
    • GEHA
    • Sunlife
    • United Concordia
    • Ameritas
    • The Standard
    • Cigna
    • Blue Cross Blue Shield Federal Employees Program
    • Blue Cross Blue Shield FEP Blue Dental
    • Blue Cross Blue Shield Blue Choice

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