As a 20+ year patient I believed I'd seen her typically excellent skills. She has taken very fine care of me. Her excellent staff stays alert for issues that could compromise my dental comfort. She and her staff have been monitoring an aged bridge that showed early signs of failure. Doctor patiantly discussed the entire issue with me. We concluded that reconstruction was needed. The product of her leading edge grasp of today's technology and her commitment to excellence produced a perfectly improved replacement. Congratulations to a wonderful team and to their leader, Dr. Betty Klement

John M.

Dr. Klement and her staff were amazing! The environment is very professional and all of the staff are well-trained and extremely helpful. Over the years, I have had plenty of dental work...and a lot of it was poor quality. Dr. Klement was knowledgeable, and she was able to work with all of my existing dental problems to give me a beautiful smile! I wish I had been introduced to her years ago. I highly recommend Dr. Klement.

Lorrie M.

Before I went to Dr. Klement, I never smiled, because I was unhappy with my teeth or the way my smile looked. I knew I needed lots of dental work and was concerned about how it might feel. Dr. Klement was friendly, knowledgeable and put me at ease. Under her guidance, I had crowns, fillings and wisdom teeth removed all under oral sedation. I didn't feel anything and was totally relaxed. Everything turned out great. I get frequent compliments on my smile. It's really made a big difference in my life; I'm more outgoing and more confident.

N. Hardcastle

Recently when I had two crowns replaced, it was extremely important to me that they look as natural as possible. In fact, I had delayed having the dental work completed, because it was essential to me that it was done correctly. It was critical that I achieved a good end result. Dr. Klement and her team took the extra time to ensure that the procedure was done accurately and to my satisfaction. They valued my input on the cosmetic appearance of the dental work, and took the extra steps to bring about outstanding results. I am very pleased with the high standard of service that I received.

M. Morton-Williams

I have worked with Dr. Klement for nearly 20 years and she has always been very helpful. I know she has my health and well-being in mind. With the work she did on my mouth and my bridge and implants, my smile and my life have totally changed. Truly, my life is 100% better because my personality has changed. I like my smile, I feel more outgoing and relaxed and I thank Dr. Klement. She has always made me feel comfortable and I am very happy with her work.

J. Howard

Prior to being a patient of Dr. Klement, my heart would pound and my stomach would be in knots when I went to the dentist. I now no longer feel that way. She and her staff really care about their patients. I used to dislike my smile and she completely changed that. Though I needed extensive work, her expertise has given me back a smile of which I am so proud. She has helped me in emergencies and has always been there for me. I can't say enough about the care I receive at Dr. Klement's office.

L. Creecy

Dear Dr. Klement & Staff,
Just want to send a note of thank you for all your wonderful care, especially during my recent extended dental needs. You all are just the best!! Everyone is always so warm & friendly and it is so appreciated. Thank you for being so professional and for balancing that with a personal touch as well. Dr Klement, you have terrific employees!

Many thanks,

S. Richard

Who has fabulous looking teeth, thanks to you all!

Short and sweet,

People instinctively know something is very different about me but don't always know why. The dental work I had gave me a self confidence that they have never seen before. Gone is the uncomfortable need to hide a smile that had always embarrassed me. Now my smile is genuine thanks to the incredibly detailed and exceptional work performed by Dr. Betty Klement.

M. Boyden