Your Post-Covid19 Dental Visit

Your Post-COVID19 Dental Visit


Our goal is to always do everything possible to make your visit as safe and comfortable for you and our staff members. You will notice that we are following a protocol that is quite different from your previous patient experiences.


·         At the time your appointment is scheduled, a Patient Screening Form screening will be verbally reviewed with you. This is a questionnaire containing simple questions related to your health, exposure, and testing.


·         When you arrive for your appointment, we ask that you remain in your car and call us to let us know that you have arrived. You will again have the Patient Screening Form verbally reviewed with you. If you have a facemask, cloth or otherwise, please wear it to your appointment. If you do not, we will provide you with one.


·         A staff member wearing a mask, gloves and approved protective attire will come to your car and escort you into the office. You will not need to touch any surfaces such as a doorknob or countertop. A touchless forehead scanner will be used to record your temperature. You will be provided hand sanitizer to apply.


·         We keep the entire office sanitized by treating all “touchable” areas with an EPA-approved surface disinfectant. We repeatedly sanitize throughout the day. Even though we are doing this, we want to minimize your contact with anything outside the treatment room set aside for your care.


·         You will be escorted directly to the treatment room and seated. Your medical history and current medications will be verbally reviewed and any changes entered electronically into your record. All treatment and related transactions will be carried out within the treatment room. Upon completion of treatment, you will be escorted directly to your car.


·         You will notice changes in our attire. Following the most current recommendations from the Task Force of the American Dental Association in conjunction with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, we are utilizing additional Personal Protective Equipment such as disposable gowns and masks that provide a higher level of safety for patients and staff, and face shields when indicated.


·         We thoroughly sanitize each treatment room follow dismissal of every patient. This includes disinfection of all surfaces with EPA approved products. The patient chair cover is provided. As always, we autoclave handpieces and all instruments, and continually monitor our sterilization equipment. Whenever possible disposable single-use products are employed.


·         Whenever possible we are eliminating paper forms and correspondence and will be utilizing electronic alternatives.


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